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Breathable swimwear

Sol Thru Wear® is all about enjoying the sun, which is why we've created the ideal swimwear for your sunny days! Our fabric has thousands of pores to let air circulate and lets the sun's rays pierce through. It's breathable, lightweight, dries three times quicker than your traditional swimwear, and is cooler for the skin, made for a hot summer day!

Breathable Fabric:

Our swimwear features a breathable fabric that not only keeps you cool under the sun but also ensures you stay comfortable throughout the day. Say farewell to those pesky, soggy swimsuits that can be a real mood-killer during your beach or poolside escapades.

Quick-Dry Fabric:

Here's the game-changer – our swimwear dries three times faster than traditional swimsuits. No more waiting around in wet, uncomfortable attire. You can get back to enjoying the sun in no time.


And that's not all; our unique fabric allows the sun's radiant rays to pierce through.

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Fabric Conscious

To make the science of breathable swimwear work, a very large number of pores are essential. These pores in the fabric give the impression that when the swimsuit is held up to the light, it seems to be transparent. For your modesty, our bathing suits come in vibrant patterns and bright colours. They serve as a distraction and contrast with the otherwise transparent material. Feel comfortable knowing that you will be covered underneath the fabric.

Sol Thru wear®’s unique breathable fabric allows UVA and UVB rays to pass through the fabric to reach the skin. Make sure you always wear an all-over body sun protection of at least SPF30 to protect you from sunburn while wearing our swimwear.

Our bathing suits are designed with fabric that has pores allowing sun rays to pass through, which can help reduce tan lines. However, this does not guarantee a completely tan line-free result.

Please feel free to tag us on @solthruwear. We LOVE to see our beach babes enjoying our designs. 

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